Week 9: February 26-March 4 (Maddy)

Hahaha well since we all forgot to post something I guess I don’t feel that badly for being late

I don’t have much to say about the last week, it was pretty rough because we’re on spring break now and everyone was cramming in as many assignments and hard practices as they could. The biggest news is probably that the Constitutional Convention is finally over! And, with victory! We successfully passed a (moderately) Nationalist Constitution by a simple majority. It was a long and hard 3 weeks of negotiating, speech making, debates, and backstabbing but it was actually quite a rewarding experience in the long run. Here is a pic of my lovely faction 🙂

Here are the lovely Nationalists: (from right) James Madison (me!), James Wilson, Alexander Hamilton, Charles Pinckney, Governeur Morris, Nathaniel Gorham, and George Washington (also my roomie) in the front

Other than that, it was the first week that I didn’t have a track meet since like mid-January, so that was kinda nice. I got some super sweet spikes today that you may have seen on my story (one of my spikes ripped a hole in the side of the other shoe so I had to get a new pair, rip in peace) so that’s one more thing to be excited about for the outdoor season. Plus, we’re looking to qualify for the Penn Relays, eventually, whenever that is, so I’m excited for the upcoming races this season.

This was also the first week without Nigella, which was actually pretty ok. Since I was so busy academically this week, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about it so that was probably why. Honestly though, it really feels like I lost an actual person. Keeping that mindset, I decided to write a eulogy (or something like that) about her/ also start writing my own blog, which was obviously inspired by this one, since I really love doing these things, and I had a lot to say, so if you wanna read it, I think it’s worth the read, though it may tug at your heart strings in true Marley and Me style. #sorrynotsorry #ilovecats

In other news, in a rash decision that began with giving up meat on Ash Wednesday, I boldly decided to give up meat for the entirety of Lent! (also chocolate and sweets, of course, since you guys always bring that one Lent up hahaha) So far it’s been really easy, which is weird because usually I’m like “omg I could never give up meat that’d be so hard” It’s definitely forcing me to eat more vegetables, which is definitely something I need to do. I haven’t gained the “Freshman 15” persay, but I’ve defintely got an extra roll on my stomach that wasn’t there before. Haha. Plus, I think if I’m working so hard to be in shape and tone my muscles, etc, I should probably not be going against all that work by shoveling burgers, fries, and ice cream as soon as I work out. I’m trying that “nicecream” stuff that vegans make tomorrow, with the frozen bananas and stuff. Also, my grandma and I are going to make kale banana muffins so stay tuned to see if they were, in fact, delicious, or disgusting.

I suppose that’s all I have to say, but I’m excited for Boston this weekend with Ashley!

Miss u 2 ladies ❤


me with track pals on the track van
this was on my story but, new spikes!!!

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