Week 10: March 5-11 (Maddy)

Late again! But that’s ok

Pretty uneventful spring break tbh. Spent the week at grandparents’ house and did lots of baking!!! (Kale muffins, turmeric biscuits, granola cookies, banana bread) Yum. It was nice to have some real food 🙂 I tried to make “nicecream” like the vegans do… but it kinda just turned out like a chocolate milkshake.. but it was still delicious lol (see pic below) I’m still greatly enjoying the vegetarian life, although I have been craving chicken wings. But other than that, I feel like not eating meat just forces me to eat more vegetables and find protein sources elsewhere (beans, peanut butter, etc) and in partnership with giving up sweets as well, my body feels really good! Of course it’s all for God and stuff, but it is kinda nice to have the side effect of feeling good inside and out!



delicious turmeric biscuits courtesy of the Traditional Medicinals instagram page
granola cookies filled with dried cranberries, oats, pumpkin seeds, etc.

I went shopping with my grandma and great grandma at Kohls on Wednesday and got some nice outfits (including khaki pants! nice) Other than that, pretty uneventful week but nice and relaxing. Definitely needed a break from school.

Spent the weekend in Boston with ASHLEY!!!! Freezing af tho. I’m so glad that we’ve all stuck together as friends for this long.

the gang… peep the street sign

Anyways, not really in a super writing mood, so I think this is probably good for now. I’ll have more to say next (this) week.

Sincerely yours,



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