Week 8: February 19-25 (Ashley)

Hello, fellow bloggers!!!! Sorry I’m the last one to post again lol but I’ve just settled down to do some homework (lmao it’s 1:30am) and wanted to share my thoughts before the Latin crunch begins!

This past week could be characterized by my lack of diligence yikes. I skipped a lot of class and the classes I did attend, I hadn’t really prepared for well enough. I had a Roman history paper due on Thursday in time for my recitation and I literally wrote it in the few hours before I had to go hahahah THIS IS THE SeCOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED!:!@#!# Omg also I signed up to help man a table for the counselor stuff I do to help publicize it to incoming freshmen and I SLEPT THROUGH MY ENTIRE HOUR!!!! THIS WAS SUNDAY FROM 2-3 INT HE AFTERNOON!!! When will the madness end!!! Kind of scary that there are only two full months left in this semester to get my act together hahahahah. Not sure how this whole “GPA” thing will turn out but here’s hoping! I’m gonna start fresh in March. Gonna spend more time sleeping and also more time studying;-)

AH! I watched the Oscars tonight with the girlies – the main reason why I’m starting HW now, among many others, including trying to figure out what color my aura is – and I left feeling very strange. So I know movies are movies and they’re forms of expression above all and shouldn’t be put in contest with each other, but this La La Land vs. Moonlight thing really got me thinking about the values of our society n shit. Keep in mind that I haven’t seen either of these movies, so who am I to have a real opinion on it, but it was so interesting to see my friend group kind of divided over the movies. Especially surprising was how hard Rachel was pulling for La La Land… haha idk how to feel. Love her to death, but a movie centered around jazz… and the two main characters are white……. I know the much of the movie’s merit has to do with the production and cinematography, but I’ve been high-key on the fence about supporting the film. But if it’s entertaining, it’s a good movie! But when there are movies out like Moonlight that very intimately portray internal American struggles that are prevalent esp. in these turbulent times … why would you want to watch anything else? Ugh super pretentious rant bc everything is subjective, but I have just been feeling very strongly about supporting art and artists that share similar values that I have. Also the fact that a man who allegedly verbally abused & sexually harassed several women he worked with won Best Actor! Good! Great!

I guess I’ve updated you both on Swoffie, but my word hahahah. Things flipped around very quickly. I’m very happy with how things went with him this weekend. He’s very sweet and gentle and silly – and his skin is so soft!!! Quick recap: he came to my concert on Saturday night, we walked back to McCauley (the house), smoked some weed, hung about and scrolled through Nate’s tinder in the living room, went back to his room and listened to classical music and made out for a good length of time hahahah. He’s honestly an angel. I really really don’t want to hurt him oh god I’m actually kind of scared that I will in the future :~( but I also really want to try this out to see where it goes because there’s honestly nothing I dislike about him and I would like some of his gentleness to rub off on me.

Side note: currently taking a peek at the Spotify sidebar that shows what your friends are listening to, and I would like to just put it out there that I hate serial music listeners. To define, people who skip through several albums a day just to catch the vibe of an album and say that they’ve listened to it. I know some people enjoy discovering new music and spend a lot of time searching for new artists (me, for the most part!), but I hate when your personal music library turns into a competition. So unnecessary. I’ll be over here enjoying this Mitski album for the 50th time while you click through another semi-enjoyable-at-first-listen record /// SECOND RANT OVER

Other than that, my week is surprisingly busy ?! I have another counselor thing tomorrow :~| and then my show and another choir performance and scattered commitments here and there. Roman history midterm on Friday…….. but less Latin lines to do this week! :~) I want to go to church on Wednesday super badly. I haven’t been in soooo long ah, but I’ve just been feeling the urge to revisit. Also ?!?!?! Going to Asheville this weekend with my little scholarship group!! It’s gonna be super chill and enjoyable. I’m starting to feel the cabin fever here but in regards to the people I see all the time. If that makes sense haha

You both have a good week!!!!!!! sry im so heckin negative n grumpy

also here is my album recommendation of the week (new feature of ashley blog posts!!!):

kelsey lu.jpg

Church by Kelsey Lu: The entire release is only a little bit over 30 minutes and it’s just stunning. I think she comes from a background of 1) being classically trained at cello & 2) being from a religious family and with this album she breaks free from both of those and 1) does a lot of experimentation with the cello as an instrument & 2) explores her departure through her lyrics. I actually just read that she recorded this entire EP live in a church so honestly I am living for this concept. Her voice is also So beautiful! I hope you guys give her a listen :~)


Oh shoot I also took some really lovely pics this weekend!!! I’ll share:

~Friday night~

considering attaching the audio for this (it’s “House of the Rising Sun”)
also considering audio for this HAHA HOSTILE MERGER!!!!! punk music!!!!


~Saturday morning~

a lovely picnic spread with rachey :,)



drove to this random lake and WOW so peaceful
:,) rachey and her boy and a beautiful saturday

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