August 13-20

There’s no real way I can describe how I’m feeling right now, but I’ll try to describe the setting. It’s my last 5:45 train back from New York, and I wanted desperately to listen to some music… but nothing is satisfying! Not today, at least. Very strange.

I decided to listen to Paramore (Brand New Eyes, particularly) and as soon as the first track wound up, I sank back into my seat and was instantly transported to my room in Georgia, 8 years ago. I felt the same rush in my head that I would feel after head banging for too long. Hahahah I can’t imagine what my parents thought. 8 years though! I can’t believe that.

I remember SO clearly that I wanted to be the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of my own band — I’ve definitely schemed both of you into a concrete plan at some point or another. Even now, I’m not opposed!! Haha I still remember every single lyric off of this album, so who knows if maybe I could start a vintage Paramore cover band.

I can’t believe the summer how the summer has gone by! For the past 10 weeks, I’ve simultaneously been counting down the days as if they couldn’t come sooner while also clinging on to every bit of this program before it falls behind me. Tomorrow’s officially the last day, exams handed back, everyone parting ways, back to the usual humdrum where not everyone surrounding you is proficient in Ancient Greek! I’m heading back to chapel hill tomorrow afternoon, which is honestly soooo long overdue I’ve missed it there so much, but there’s absolutely nothing like New York in the summer. I’m really gonna miss it here! Haha I’m sad, but dude that’s freaking life… wild 

When am I gonna see you both again!!! I’m probably not gonna be back in Georgia until my fall break. Maybe not even thanksgiving (I might be going to a wedding?!)… well I’m getting off the train now, so life must go on. Dude I’m gonna be camp counseling this Wednesday!!!! And then classes start the following Tuesday!! Ughhhh what’s on everyone’s schedules this semester??



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