Week 14: April 9-16 (Maddy)

Week 14 wooo!!!! Late again, but not as late as u two 😉 I am writing this post during my history class which is probably the most boring hr and 10 minutes of every Tuesday/Thursday…

Week 14 was relatively uneventful but pretty fun! Tuesday I had to do a *real* 800 workout (as opposed to the last one I did which was just 6×200) and it was painful and uncomfortable but also pretty rewarding (If ur curious it was 4×200, 800, 600, 400, 300, 200, followed by a 40 minute lift #death) I haven’t run many 800’s or 600’s in my life but I definitely felt a lot stronger after it, especially since my race is usually just the 400.

Anyways, this week at school was pretty short bc Easter, but I had a meet in Maryland!! Fun! We left at 7:30 on Thursday morning and got to the track around 4 and had practice and lemme tell u that was some nice weather like I’m used to shitty mediocre-ly chilly weather or rain so that was a lovely change felt like I was back in the peach state 😉 We went to an Italian place with the whole team and then we got to walk around the harbor until 10:30 which was so fun I love love love my track pals (I’ll put some pics below) Then the meet was Friday and I ran the 400 and ran a collegiate PR of 61 flat (damn I could’ve just leaned my head a little farther across the line and run sub 61 but ohhh welllll) So yeah it was an awesome day for our 400 squad like she only had the good runners do the 400 and our times were 56.4 (holy frickin shit), 60.5, 61 (me), and 61.1 (killer 4×4 am I right) Our coach is trying people out for the 400 to be on the 4×4 we’re taking to Penn Relays (which is next week and so exciting) and I’m 99% sure I’ll be on the team which is so coolllll!!!! Also my bitchy coach said my time was super good which led me to weasel my way into getting to run the 4×4 at the meet hahahaha everyone was like “OMFG why would u WILLINGLY VOLUNTEER to run the 4×4″ but idk I just love that race I got to run the 2nd leg, which I haven’t done since I ran it my sophomore yr and it was an exciting change from running the 1st leg in which you don’t really get to chase anyone… idk maybe I’ll get to run 2nd or 3rd instead of first. I guess any leg is good. SORRY SORRY I hate that I always talk about running!!!! so sry

Recently, since it’s almost summer, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I’ll be coming home soon. I am SO excited to be back home and see my family and of course u pals and all my pals!! but at the same time, I am going to miss college pals so so much :””'(( I guess that’s one more thing that sucks about going so far away for school, like I can’t really visit anyone. Still so glad I decided to come here tho I love it here. Also really excited to come home it’s been so long!!!!!!

In other news, last week I mentioned that I was waiting to hear about the Sophomore Initiative program and FYI I got in! yay. It’ll be pretty interesting and a lot of my pals are in it too which means we’ll have a common class together (It’s something about vocation and literature or whatever) I’m kind of excited about my schedule next semester tho bc it’s literally just 3 languages, a theology class, and this lit course (and a philosophy course about Plato if I make Dean’s list and can take a 6th class) so there’s no math (gross and hard) or history (boring) or politics (not my thing) Also, I’m getting this random award for being a Latin scholar tomorrow hahahahaha (a small modest monetary prize to spend “however I like”) idek

I ordered a romper and a few tops online from Forever 21 and they came today so I’ll pick them up from the post office after class but I’m super excited bc its finally getting warm enough outside #blessed

Ok, that’s all I got 🙂




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