Week 13: April 1-8 (Maddy)

Friends!!!! I really have been pretty bad about posting and I don’t remember until its already been a week and I forget what happened the week before haha. oops.

Anyways, I think I had a pretty good week! I didn’t have too much schoolwork or too much track and I feel like I’ve really just been enjoying the college life ya know! We register for Fall semester classes tomorrow morning and I’m really feelin it. Also, I’m thinking about doing a double major now, with Foreign languages (mainly Italian) and Classics. I was going to do a Classics minor but I would only have to take 3 more classes to get a major so I figured, might as well. 🙂 I’m going to do an independent study with my Latin teacher since my class conflicts with Italian and Latin is kinda easy to just do 1-on-1 with a professor. Speaking of Latin, I wore my certamen Caesar puns shirt a lot this week for some reason. I was wearing it at the beginning of the week and then I wore it again because I helped organize a 1960’s night and needed a tie dye shirt. Hehe. I’m surprised no one read the back of it though, I was really hoping to talk about Caesar.

Anyways, I had a solid week for track and did well on all my workouts. Idk if I told either of you but I had to run the 800 yesterday????? HAHAHAHAH And it went surprisingly well!! I mean, I have had virtually no endurance training other than what I have for the 400, and I ran a 2:35 and beat a lot of the regular 800 runners on the team, so supposedly they’re thinking about putting me in the 4×8 as well… honestly it was really not that bad and I would definitely run it differently next time and the important thing is my bitchy coach was super happy about it! So any time she’s happy with the way I run I can’t argue with that HAHAHA. I also ran the leadoff leg for the 4×4 and had a great split too. Although, I had to literally force this junior girl who was on the team last year to let me run the first leg because “she ran it last year and that’s how it always is” BUT she has had a pretty shitty season and ended up running about a 69-70 split which is pretty awful and like if I hadn’t gone first we would have had to run completely by ourselves ya feel. Like, I mean I’m not trying to toot my own horn and I get that it’s probably hard as a junior when you had a great season last year to watch a freshman come in and be faster than you, but like you can’t just sacrifice the entire relay just because you want to run first. YOU CAN’T BE SLOW AND RUN FIRST that’s like common knowledge I don’t understand. This is the same girl that I ranted about at the beginning of the year who made us run a shitty time because she wanted to go first and I’m done with her shit LET ME IN I’m the new starter!!!! AHHHH!!! Phew, I haven’t really thought about how pissed off that made me until now but like you get what I mean!! Honestly there are a lot of other people who have run better than her the entire season who should actually be on the A 4×4 but aren’t which is a little dumb. My coach is kind of pressuring everyone to run good 400’s because we’re taking a 4×4 to Penn Relays and I feel like there’s really only 1 spot left because Greta is a shoo-in and even though I haven’t been running fantastic times, I’m still faster than the rest of the team, and one other freshman girl Emily is right behind me so there’s one more spot and I’m reaaaalllyyy hoping it goes to my best buddy Maddie because she ran a great split yesterday (63) and it’d be so fun to go together!! anyways sorry, track is my life and I am not ashamed.

In other news, I applied for this position on the Campus Activities Board to be one of the 3 executives in charge of Family Weekend next year (they throw like a carnival, games, and food sorta thing for families to come visit you basically) and I got the position!! So I’m the family weekend registration executive so I get to make a giant spreadsheet of all the families and organize and take their money and stuff like that and I actually mentioned Fall Forum in my application because it was similar to what we had to do for that and yeah!! Also, that means I get to help with a lot of the planning of other campus events because I’m an executive!

Going along with registration, I applied for this sophomore initative program (SOPHIA) and its basically like “finding your vocation” not only faithwise but like, overall. And we were supposed to find out today but the committee decided that they were “still undecided about a few candidates” so we find out tomorrow, which is fine except WE HAVE TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES TOMORROW and we’re supposed to leave the spot open for the class, but what if we don’t get in like it’s so frustrating I don’t understand why it would ever take that long to decide it was literally the shortest application ever and I think only 30 people applied. Ugh.

So, I’ve been to a few parties on campus but I didn’t drink at any of them. Honestly the only time I ever drank was at an off campus track party at our sprint captain’s house and I only had beer and didn’t really get to the drunk point at all. So last night, our other sprint captain hosted a “Track formal” and we all dressed up and did champagne and shackles and man, champagne is a lot more carbonated than I would have thought hahahaha like trying to drink it fast was really not very fun but once it was done I mean it was really really fun! Like I think I had a great first drinking experience!! I also had 2 shots of vodka that was definitely cake flavored or something. Pretty good. I thought I’d be hungover but honestly I feel more fucked up from running the 800 than the alcohol. Also idk if you remember me talking about making out with a guy named Evan last semester (If you peep my post from week 9 he’s the guy in my constitutional convention pic, although idk if that pic does him justice), but we grinded last night and it was pretty great like I mean he tried to get me to make out with him again and idk why I didn’t hahahaha but like idk I mean I guess since that one makeout is really the only thing I’ve even done this year I was definitely all for a nice grind like I kind of felt a little deprived like I don’t really want to hookup with anyone but I’ve really kind of been missing casual makeouts, etc so it was really pretty nice to dance with a cute boy!!!  idk I guess you have to be drunk to have fun at parties but I had so much fun and I’d definitely do it again. The thing is that we have a really strict campus police and like it’s hard to have a good party without getting shut down but we didn’t! and I wasn’t even that worried about it anyway like I was with my entire team so we were all in the same boat. But I just felt so carefree and just wanted to unwind especially after a long day at the track and I guess what I’m saying is I finally get why people love to party so much (I’ll put some pics!)

Other miscellaneous stuff:

Robby’s roommate just added me on snapchat hahahaha he’s wearing a shirt that says “Fe MAN”… get it… like… Iron Man!!??

I decided that it was a good idea to give up meat for lent just to see what it’d be like and stuff, but at the same time it kinda left me eating nothing but mac and cheese or mashed potatoes and since I didn’t really miss it that much other than that I kinda questioned whether it was a good thing to give up in the first place. I’m kinda just really glad lent is going to be over because I’m kind of just tired of doing it. But I was definitely really good about it!

Next week we have a meet at Loyola in Maryland!! It’ll be such a fun road trip and I’m excited to go somewhere slightly warmer. Although, *supposedly* (but probably a load of crap) it’s supposed to be like 75-80 degreees on Tuesday which is probably the best thing I’ve ever heard and would definitely make outdoor track a lot better.

Anyways, I really have missed you guys and this blog so I’ll try to be better! Love you two!


me n 2/3 of the future roomies at a successful 1960’s night 🙂 there was fondue, DIY dreamcatchers and lava lamps, and tie dying!!!
dis is my party outfit
FullSizeRender 10
some of my track pals<3
FullSizeRender 9
Bryanna, sprinter extraordinnaire and my champagne and shackles partner 🙂 also it was her bday!!! ps idk why my face is so red
FullSizeRender 11
Maddy^2 my track bff I love her to death

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