Week 12: March 19-25 (Ashley)

Ok I don’t understand how it’s already the second to last week of March that’s fucked up

Also I figured that since I saw both of you guys over spring break that I don’t have to do a big catch-up because you guys pretty much know where I’m at right now. I also don’t know how I haven’t posted in 4 WEEKS?!?!? I think Week 10 was a rough week for me just because I couldn’t stop sleeping and I wasn’t really going to class or  doing my work in a way that I was satisfied with. Week 11 was my spring break HAHA I saw both of you!!! Boston was really cold and Athens was really lit so that’s basically it haha.

After seeing Josh and having those rough couple of days afterwards, I’m finally starting to feel back to normal again which is a relief! I didn’t really expect to feel any sort of sadness after seeing Josh, but I guess you can’t really predict those things. The good thing that came out of that, however, is that I’m actually so happy to not be in a relationship!!!! I thought I wanted to be with someone, but I am so content just being with myself and developing my friendships instead. Of course that means that I had to tell Swoffie that I couldn’t keep seeing him in a romantic way, just because I didn’t want to lead him on or hurt him. Idk it just wasn’t fair to him if I was still half in love with Josh… so I think it worked out for the most part. I also feel like Swoffie was so much more invested in “us” than I was, which isn’t bad, it just didn’t feel right. I’m just happy to be solo for a while!

Also I’ve been in a strangely productive mood this week…….. I honestly think it’s because I’m about to be on my period and my hormones are at an imbalance bc I’ve never felt this productive this semester!!! Like as soon as I got home on Sunday, I CLEANED MY ROOM and then WENT TO THE LIBRARY and finished ALL MY LATIN!??!?? And then I WASHED MY SHEETS 😱😱😱😱😱!!!! I even went to Walgreens to buy soap and deodorant and dry shampoo! Keep in mind that I haven’t used deodorant like once this semester LOL! Also in the same line of things that are better for me, I haven’t been smoking as much! I mean just a month ago I was smoking like 3-5 cigs a day which is just ridiculous and I’ve cut down a lot so ! I guess I’m just not as stressed out as I used to be. The rest of the week though is supposed to be stressful AF. AIDS paper on Wednesday, Roman history paper on Thursday, and LATIN MIDTERM on Friday AHHH but like it’s fine honestly. Latin midterm on Friday means no homework on Friday }:)

Anyways, I’ve had a really short day today because my Indoor Sports class was canceled and there is like no point in going to my CLAR class so I just slept until 1 this afternoon. Idk if I have a sleeping problem but it’s only like 3:15 rn and I could already go for a nap Yikes! I’m sipping a coffee in bed as I type. Along the lines of sleeping problem omg last night during my show, I was so tired by the 1am breakpoint that I just gave up, put on a 52 minute Ravi Shankar piece, and SLEPT. I PLAYED THE ENTIRE 52 MINUTE TRACK!!!! hahahaha I SUCK!

Ok I gotta shower and start on my work a half dead bug just fell on me so I guess that’s my cue to go + my bangs need a trim



This is what I’m listening to rn! All the songs are short but like so good and really smooth. I sent this song to Alexa hahahah!




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