Week 8: February 19-25 (Maddy)

Ok so I feel like I’ve told you guys very little about dorm life, etc and I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about my roommate, Aleeza. So I’m gonna do that now lol. So my roommate is from Shrewsbury, Mass which is like 15 minutes from the college and she’s a relatively reserved and academically inclined bio major. We’re relatively close and she’s a good person to talk to, but she has relatively little to no experience with a lot of things (boys, partying, anything of the sort) because her parents definitely have a lot of control over what she does. Like for example, she goes home every single weekend (I’m not joking, she has yet to stay a weekend at any point in either semester lol) which is obviously totally fine but I just feel that she is missing out on valuable social experiences by constantly going home and she’s very set in her ways and isn’t really open to doing that. And also because of that, she’s slightly more immature and like not a very strong person?? so if anything happens (ie: a friend fight) her first instinct is to go home/not live in the dorm anymore because she can’t deal with it. It’s just weird because we’re complete opposites like I’m from an extremely far place and I stay every weekend and went as far away as possible from my family hahaha and she went literally 10 minutes away and we got paired up together. I don’t like to be judgy or anything but it’s just kind of a unique situation and honestly because of my life experiences and travel and how I was raised I can’t really fully grasp why you’d want to go home every weekend. Like, I’m not even kidding I see her mom every single weekend and I just feel like they’re denying her the opportunity to thrive socially and it’s hard to stand by and watch. :/ Often her excuse for going home is to like clear her mind and get schoolwork done (She always says like, there’s no way she could get stuff done at school, but like…. tons of bio majors before her have been able to successfully do it while living on campus so… not really a good excuse IMO) but I feel like its definitely parental pressure which is obviously none of my business but I still am concerned for her well being. Idk. We’ll see how it goes.

As of Tuesday, I started watching Scooby Doo again HAHAHA. Honestly I don’t pay much attention to the episodes or anything but I feel like maybe even it’s just the characters’ voices but it just reminds me of home and it’s nice! Reminds me of all the mornings when I was like 10 and I’d come down to the living room around 6:30am and watch a bunch of them. Honestly, I think the stuff they say is actually pretty funny so I definitely enjoy watching it.

As I told you on Monday, Nigella’s taking that big trip to kitty heaven this week (I’m writing this on Wednesday and tomorrow is the day) and it’s honestly been the biggest rollercoaster of emotions. I’m not going to talk too much about it for a week or so until it’s like not so fresh in my mind but I will say a couple things. One, she’s had the most amazing and lengthy life. She was actually supposed to only live for 3 months after she got diagnosed with the tumor, as I recently learned, but she ended up living for 2 years! The hardest part of letting go of her is that she’s been around for my entire life (and Tori’s) so we’ve never really been around without her being around. As sad as it is, I wouldn’t trade any of our 18 years together for the world and she’s been the most wonderful companion. (Lol I’m listening to angry rap music so I’ll be less likely to cry) Number two, I feel like I actually had a crazy come to Jesus moment this week because last week I was thinking a lot about Veronica, who was the cat we had before Nigella (you might remember her she was really feisty and a tannish tabby cat) and she was named after this song called “Veronica” by Elvis Costello so I was listening to the song via youtube and the channel name was “veronicapaws” and there was a big pawprint on the lyric video and I just was like shit I feel like she’s telling me something, and then a few days later my dad calls me about Nigella… so I just felt like Veronica was kinda saying, “look it’s alright she’ll be okay with me and the big guy, she won’t be alone. She’s ready.” So that strengthened my faith if anything, and it just reminds me that she’ll always be with me even after tomorrow. [Also I am inserting this little bit on Saturday: I passed “Amelia’s tacqueria” on the way to my meet and Amelia was my other kitty, I am really feeling the divine power] Third, this has also made me even more certain that Assumption is the place I’m supposed to be. When I found out about Nigella, Aleeza came into the room and I was crying and she wrote me the sweetest note. I didn’t say anything to my teammates at first, and completely unknowingly, they made me laugh so hard and feel so happy and full of love. I called Mickey (my coach from previous post) this week and talked about this and he told me to lean on my teammates and I told him how awesome they’ve been and it’s just really utterly and completely true I can’t imagine my life without these people! What I previously thought was a relatively crazy decision to move from Marietta, Georgia to Worcester, Massachusetts to this completely random tiny little Catholic college that no one has heard of to be on a track team turned out to probably be the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s hard to be away from home, but I’m already thinking about how hard it will be to be away from these people for the 3 months of summer.

Anyways, (today is Sunday) I’m glad that Nigella had such a great life and I started writing down things about her that I’m gonna miss/want to remember because this week I got to thinking about Veronica and Amelia who were the kitties we had a while ago and I don’t remember much about them except that Veronica was really fussy and her fur was really matted and she only really let us pet her when she was feeling sick and Amelia purred like a lawnmower (I actually have a voice memo of her purring with Nigella aw) and she liked to bite my toes under the covers. So I don’t want to forget everything about Nigella so I’ve been writing down a bunch of things as they come to mind and maybe I’ll make something… idk. But I think I’m past the emotional stage of being super sad and I’m glad because now I can be strong for Tori bc this was super hard on her. I love my fam.

Yesterday was the New England championships (which was cool that I got to go because it was only maybe 7 of us) and we were trying really hard to break 4 minutes in the 4×4. We ran 4:00.64 tho so really close ahhhhhh and you always gotta be like, well I could’ve run faster but I genuinely think I could’ve gone faster but oh well. We broke the school record again though so that was big so now indoor season is officially over! With my first collegiate season of track done, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I’ve definitely gotten over my fear of running the individual 400 and also the starting blocks and I love that there are so many meets to run at because I always want to get better and it was hard at BT when we’d have like 3 meets the entire season before regions and state and everything. I also feel like this team/athletic experience is making me better and at the same time I feel the same self-accountability that I had as a dancer and as a runner in that I want to get better and be the absolute best that I can be. It’s so exciting that I’m only a freshman and have 7 more seasons of track to go (which when you say it like that it’s like… whoa that’s a lot of seasons)

Anyways, can’t wait to see u @Ashley in a couple weeks and let u experience that cold Massachusetts air πŸ˜‰ Also I wanted to say thanks for making us do this blog like I’m so excited to read these in like 10 years when I don’t remember the college years and it’s like wow! An account of every week of my life! I really enjoy writing these hahaha.

Love you two πŸ™‚



little Maddy with Nigella, Amelia, and Jezebel



The lion and the lamb getting along without big sis (they’ve never been this close before)



Mom sent me this: the last place in our house this sweet kitty went was my bed ❀


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