Week 8: February 19-25 (Avery)

Lol wow funny how much changes in 8 weeks

also!!!! congratulations to us for reaching the 8 week benchmark!!!! i am truly a very big fan of this blog and it really makes me feel close to you guys!!! 🙂

well back to the 8 week thing

remember my first blog post?? about the 80’s dance party at 40 watt?? well there was another one last night that caroline, sarah, (two of my college bffs!!!) and i went to! ugh it was so fun god i love dancing

during “come on eileen” we were pulled into a spinning circle of people linking hands and it was the most beautiful thing i have ever witnessed or been apart of HAHA

and remember how i was like “how do you dance with boys blah blah how does that work”

well i danced with two last night lol so that happened

the first guy was FUN omg he pulled me in but omg that was a FUN time LOL

and the second guy i asked myself!!!! and to answer my own question from eight weeks ago, concerning how you ask guys to dance with you, well news flash @avery

you literally just ask and seem enthusiastic about it

and they were both so nice!!!!

the first guy’s friends were leaving so he was like “i have to go but this was so much fun you’re beautiful!!” and then he blew me a kiss HAHHAA he was an excellent dance partner

the second guy was more shy but he was very sweet

obviously guys say nice things to girls all the time when in situations like this and don’t always mean it, so of course i take things like that with a pretty heavy grain of salt. but nevertheless, it’s really nice just to have fun and relish in the glory of being a young college gal!! i heard a quote recently to pay little attention to what guys say and more to what they do, so i’ve been thinking about that a lot

also idk what’s going to happen with me and the guy i was seeing for a bit, but that’s ok!!! i am good and happy 🙂

sorry all of my posts have been about boys lately HAHA it’s just not much else has been going on except for classes and service (both of which i really, really love!) and i feel like this is much more interesting lol (but you guys lemme know, seeing as you are the audience!) i’m going on my impact trip next week for spring break and it’s in Christianburg, VA and the focus is on rural poverty so i will most definitely type a pretty lengthy post about that!!!! so excited!!!!

also back to the topic of boys and dating and what not, i’m not entirely sure how i feel about the casualness of college relationships in terms of myself. like i’m totally fine if other people do it!!! but for me personally, i’m not sure if i want to participate. i’ve found that i enjoy flirting and just having fun in general, but i feel like i’m the type of person who could get their feelings hurt if they’re not careful. i think i get more attached to people than i would care to admit, so i generally need to watch out for myself and my feelings and the intentions of others (not that those intentions are always bad!!!). but we’ll see. i do however see the appeal of how casual things are (don’t worry i’m not talking about sex or anything HAHA not doing that anytime soon) and could potentially see myself in it and having a good time. idk man. idk. hit me with some advice. it doesn’t feel like me, but at the same time, i think i’ve really gained a lot of confidence lately and perhaps this is just me changing. i think it’s just learning in what way i want to handle it, but because i have so little experience with these things, it’s hard to tell what i actually want. like i said, hit me with that advice haha

i think i’m going to chill on thinking about guys for the next week bc i got stuff to do lol

i miss you guys all the time!!!! we really need to google hangout soon! i never forget how nice it is to be around people who truly know you and that’s how i always feel around you guys 🙂 i hope your weeks go well!

also send good vibes my way i got three exams this week yo

also last thing!!! i went on a service thing with a few members of my impact group to the homeless shelter where we talked to a lot of the residents currently there and it was so fun!!!! i often take for granted how much socialization i get. Ugh but I talked to bobby joe and jan for like two hours and they were the best we had such a great conversation!!! it felt like talking to two friends :)) so maybe i’ll go back this friday!

peace n’ blessings,



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