Week 7: February 12-18 (Maddy)

This will only be a little late haha yay

(FYI the featured image is the grits they had in the dining hall this week and this pic probably does not look too appetising… but yeah I’m not really sure why the meal was southern themed like… I’m assuming black history month but that’s lowkey like… politically incorrect??? I don’t know HAHA)

So in other news, I started dating Cam but I don’t really know how I feel about it yet. So idk if I wanna talk about it until I know how I feel about it. haha. ask me in a week.

I kinda wish I wrote stuff like progressively throughout the week because I honestly have no recollection of this week other than it sucked because of all the work I had to do. AND MY TRACK COACH LEFT THIS MORNING.

Also we practiced at the track at Harvard this week which was like, the steepest track I’ve ever run on. The outermost lane was super curvy and kinda felt like I was gonna fall off the edge. The good thing was it was like an hour away so I spent like 2 hours getting to know one of my teammates named Dariy who like lived in Russia until he was 10 and then came here and you’d never know that like English was not his first language haha. He’s a really nice guy, so lots of good conversation!

But, back to business. We’re doing this thing in my COMPASS (Common pursuit of Academic success or something dumb like that LOL) classes, which are like a linkage of two classes that I’m taking for the honors program (in my case, Philosophy and Political science) and we have to basically reenact the Constitutional Convention. But it doesn’t have to happen like it did in real life, like every day we have an issue that we have to discuss (Number of reps in the house, how senators should be elected, state suffrage, etc) and we have to convince enough people to get your particular POV passed based on the delegate you represent. So there are 4 factions: Nationalists, Moderate Nationalists, Moderate Confederalists, and Confederalists and you gotta work with your faction to convince other people and make speeches and debate and also you may have personal objectives that make you go against your faction. So for example, I’m James Madison and the faction leader for the Nationalists and I had to advocate for proportional representation (like bigger states get more people) in the Senate which was really hard because the small states were all like “we won’t get represented” and dumb shit and as a Virginian I reminded them that I had twice the population and that my people needed to be represented equally… and yeah it just gets really heated hahahaha. Like it’s actually lowkey a really fun thing to do but it’s SUPER STRESSFUL and takes up so much time. And also people are taking it super personally when there’s backstabbing or if they don’t win and like I feel like some people may actually never speak again after this game….. lol it’s crazy. Thank God we don’t have a meeting tomorrow it’s literally an every day occurrence.

So the Constitution game has been the majority of my week because it happens every day and I have to write a 2 page speech like every day. But also this week (yesterday) was the Northeast-10 Championship meet and it went pretty well. I ran the DMR and the 4×4 again and both were decent. Like I definitely ran slower than last week but the track was actually pretty crappy and it really threw me off because last week’s track was incredibly banked in that some parts were actually pretty downhill and the straightaway seemed much shorter. So like when I ran the DMR yesterday, which was first, I went out really fast and I started to die at the end, which hasn’t happened to me since like Junior year like usually I have no problem finishing a 400 so that kinda freaked me out and I think that’s a lot of why I didn’t run a super great split for the 4×4 but I don’t want to make excuses for myself haha I should’ve just gone out hard and hoped for the best. 🙂 yay. There’s also a chance we may be running the 4×4 again next week but we’ll see. Other than that, first collegiate indoor track season is complete! Also, we all did corn rows for the 4×4 HAHAHA going for the intimidation factor I looked so funny. Pics on the bottom.

This week was also the last week for my coach (his name is Mickey) to be here. I would kind of liken him to Findlay in that I got really close to him and he got really close to me and we had like a lot of 1-on-1 track talk all the time and he helped me to finally get over my fear of the blocks and the open 400 and also just not about track like just in general an all around wonderful person. I definitely got to spend a lot of time with him this week though so that was good. He works for Athletes Intervarsity which is like athlete bible study basically so they had a reception for him in campus ministry so I went with Maddie (hurdler/bff) and they had like a funny slideshow for him and we just all sat and talked and it was really nice. And we took a nice picture which I’ll put at the bottom. We also always have themed Thursdays for practice so we decided to go with his signature backwards hat look for the theme :’) cute. Friday, we like had a team meeting and we made him this video of all of us wishing him luck and saying goodbye and it was really nice and he was super touched. Then yesterday (Saturday) was the meet and idk like I’m kind of one of those people who doesn’t get emotional about stuff unless it’s actually happening. Like I thought I was going to be super sad about it being his last day like the entire day but I kind of just enjoyed it the whole day until like the literal last second of like, “Ok bye I’m gonna go to California now” which was when I finally cried about it. Because like, it’s going to be a really different vibe now (like when Findlay left and I was stuck with Coach Nelly HAHA) and I think they already have people applying for his job and it’s just weird to imagine him not being there. I’ve been snapchatting him the whole day as he starts the 4 day journey from Massachusetts to California (shit lol) which made me feel better and like we’ll still keep in touch. Idk he was my favorite coach so it really hit me hard and it’ll be really hard to replace him so it’ll be interesting tomorrow when he’s not there. The upside is that I might go out and visit him when my dad has games in California (there are tons of baseball teams there) which would be super cool and I could train with him in the really nice facilities they have.

Today I went to NYC with my pals and it was pretty fun. Except for like, one of them was trying to impress a boy so she kinda spent the whole day with him and like we had to wait around for them a lot and also david came with us and he can be rather annoying. just like, he thinks he knows everything about everything and that’s like. extremely irritating. But other than that, we walked around Central Park and went to the fountain from Friends and kinda just walked everywhere, we went to the lobby of the Empire state building (bc why would you pay $30 to go all the way up when you can just look at the nice lobby right) and we tried to get cookie dough at this cool place that was like really famous but there was literally a 3 hour line…… so I suggested ice cream and we got some really good stuff! It was fun, but I think next time I would make more of an agenda. But I frickin love New York every time I’m there it’s like a completely different experience and I just love the city.

Anyway, those are really the biggest things that have been happening this week, so might as well end here! (Also bc I have lift at 7 am and that will suck a little less if I go to bed now)

Love and miss you both ❤



Maddie/Maddy sandwich!!! Coach Mickey is in the middle 🙂


Themed Thursday with backwards hats!


Intimidation factor oooooohhhhhhh


Last team pic with Mickey :'((((


These are from last week, but I thought they were pretty cool (these are my 4×4 and DMR school record teams!!!!) *except that the DMR time is wrong it was 12:35.48 that was the old record smh @ whoever made this


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