Week 7: February 12-18 (Avery)

Hey friends!!!

I wish I had better things to tell you guys, but this was another pretty uneventful week lol. Here’s some cool stuff that happened though:

  • I went to Thomas Lay twice this week! That’s an after school program for disadvantaged kids that I go to a lot. Omg I love the kids sooooo much, they’re really incredible to be around, even if they can be a massive pain in the neck HAHA but overall I really love them and wish I could see them all the time :’)
  • I met up with the volunteer coordinator for Extra Special People for our ServeAthens site (through ServeUGA, the thing I’m an ambassador for) and I am SO excited!!!! I love people!!!!!!!!
  • Theresa from BT is visiting and is currently on my futon and is spending the night :))) Love sharing my love for the dawgs!!!
  • Weather was so nice today that I wore a short sleeved t-shirt AND shorts!!!!
  • Ate some good food today lol
  • Next week is going to be absolute HELL but the weekend before (this next weekend) is going to be fun because there’s a frat party Friday/volunteer thing I have to do before HAHA and then another 80’s dance party at 40 Watt!!!

I also saw that guy I watched the movie with again! We went to an Improv Athens show (this comedy show of sorts) and then I hung out at his place after until like 1:30 in the morning. It was a little awkward at first because his roommates were there and one of them was rolling a blunt right next to me HAHA and he was like “yeah i’m really sorry about that” but overall it was fun!!! we ended up going out to his car and taking turns playing some of our favorite songs and then we made out a bit HAHA and then we went back to his room and made out there instead and then he had an art internship application he had to work on so i helped him write his interest statement lol. I actually am really ok with how casual things are, which is totally something I wouldn’t have expected from myself in all honesty. Like for some reason I always thought I would be someone who would want to “determine the relationship” right away but I actually enjoy how I don’t really know what’s happening HAHA.

Also we got Chick-fil-A and he wouldn’t let me pay so that was really nice HAHA

Also one really nice he said was when I was talking wanting to take African drumming as my fine arts credit and he was like “oh wow i could see that, you would be the happiest and giggliest one and it would be magical for everyone in there” isn’t that so sweet?!?!

other nice things he has said:

  • he finds my rants “therapeutic to listen to”
  • “i like everything you say” in response to me being like “idk what I’m talking about” or something like that lol
  • he calls me cute a lot HAHA

i mean i think he likes me but idk if we’ll hang out again??? i thought he was going to forget about improv but he said he was looking forward to it all week! i feel like i’ve initiated the past two times though so i don’t want to initiate to see if he’s actually interested

but although i sound really excited I’m good haha, like if it all falls through I’ll be fine lol

but yeah that’s it HAHA

i miss you guys!!!! Have a great week :)))))



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