Week 7: February 12-18 (Ashley)

OMg HAHAHA I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!!!

This is the first day in a really long time that I haven’t felt immense stress so I’ve been in a great mood. I think it was mostly because I didn’t have an insane amount of Latin to do since I worked on a huge chunk last night:-) So right now I’m at the radio station hangin’ with Harris (cute) (((so cute))) (((((((so out of my league)))))))

Regardless, this weekend was pretty long and I guess it could be broken up into pretty distinct chunks:

  • Kicked off weekend with a HUGE nap after I got home on Friday. 5:30-9:30 PM. o ya ! I almost went with Rachel and Mitra to get pierced but I was so wiped and also did not want to get pierced in the ears bc $$ and also I don’t wear earrings enough
  • Hung out in my room with Tatiana and Cara and watched probably the best movie I’ve seen in So Long – Spotlight (2015). I think both of you guys should watch it because at least for me, it hit super close to home in a very unsettling way. Basically it’s about a investigative team in Boston scoping out child molestation within the Catholic church in a city whose roots are as Catholic as they come. Watch it. Watch it, and think about how powerful the Church as an institution is.
  • Went to this frickin’ retreat thing on Saturday from 9:30-3:30 which honestly RUINED MY DAY!!!!!!! It was for the counselor thing that I do, and basically the reason why I never have a good time at Carolina Kickoff retreat-y things is because everyone is so gd extroverted and friendly that I socially adapt into the introverted and spiteful one who never wants to reciprocate hugs or force an “I love you” and we like didn’t do ANYthing it was just for bonding and i like idk … i’m just mean and horrible
  • AND SO at like 11am during the retreat, I decided I was gonna get fucked up that night B) The boys at McCauley (the street on which lies the house that Alex and friends live) were hosting a show in their living room and I knew that I’d be able to get really high if I were to go over to their house and so I DID! Alex wasn’t there which wasn’t that surprising but idk I was bracing myself for him. So the first band that played was aight but the SECOND baND omg was like the post hardcore emo music that I used to listen to in like 8th grade. and I was STONED. And then the band which comprised of my closer friends played (Hostile Merger) and they are SO good and jam-worthy and they do a lot of improvisation when they perform. I was going to go to another party that night, but then my suitemate got locked out and I went back. Also Rachel went with me! I wasn’t sure if she was having a good time:( but u live and u learn
  • anyways finally got my period after like 40 days:~)
  • Stayed in bed from the time I woke up until like 4:00pm which was So Needed
  • Went to dinner with Michael Banks and his mom?!?!?!?! Hahahahahah so strange but I just got to talk about why I liked UNC for like an hour and a half. Haven’t done anything like that /// talked about high school in so long. He’s also planning to run for president and he asked for a tip and i was like “…. u just gotta love the organization”
  • went to a choir/music department concert for Monteverdi’s 450th birthday :,) it was so cute and Renaissancey and my friend Ethan (aka Swoffie) is so cute and expressive when he sings
  • studied briefly with Hag and squad but then I moved libraries to study with Harris and co and FINISHED LATIN BEFORE 11PM
  • Currently at the station hanging out with Harris ugh my woman


You guys have a good week. 😛



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