Week 6: February 6-12 (Avery)

Ahhhhh hi friends!!!!

Sorry for the late post, I feel like nothing super eventful has really happened this week, except that I’m drowning in work as per usual haha.

Remember that guy I talked about in my last post? Well, we’re still talking! He talked a lot last week about us hanging out again, but then towards the end of the week three days went by without hearing from him and I was worried he wasn’t interested anymore. But then I texted him to tell him about a really good movie I saw that I thought he would like, and now we’re going to hang out again later this week and see Athens Improv and hopefully hang out again after! I was talking to Erin about it, and she thinks that maybe he hadn’t been reaching out because he was giving me room to “escape” if I needed to, which makes sense because he was super respectful that one time we hung out and also emphasized (since he’s a third year, which doesn’t really matter but does mean he’s a little older) that he really wasn’t trying to take advantage of me by any means, and he really wanted me to know that. He also is sooooo sweet and says really nice things to me all the time, which at first I was a little wary about, but then I talked to Erin again LOL and she said that she thinks he doesn’t have any agenda at all behind his compliments except that he thinks I’m a great person. Which is very nice and very sweet. We’ll see where it goes! I’m trying not to overthink anything or get too excited, just because it’s still in the stage where it could go somewhere or it couldn’t, and I don’t want to be really upset if things don’t work out.

I like this guy because he makes me feel really relaxed and comfortable, and he’s just sooo easy to be around. A person like me (who is always internally screaming HAHA) really benefits from being around a person like him haha, and hopefully vice versa lol????

I also like that he’s a very much “I’ll tell you about it in person!” kind of guy because it means he wants to hang out in person lol.

Also he thinks that all the really embarrassing stuff I do is cute, so :))))

He also said that even though his week isn’t too busy, he would still definitely make time for me 🙂

BUT I’m trying not to get too excited!!!! Things with guys generally haven’t worked out for me HAHA, so if this one doesn’t work out I’ll be fine lol. But it would be nice if it did. But yeah, trying not to form any expectations about it all.

Also Robert knows HAHA and Robert and I are becoming friends. We’ve decided to meet weekly for dinner (Tuesdays at 6)  to catch up LOL. Robert has also been really nice about giving me advice when I need it, and he’s a cool guy to be around too. Yay friends!

Overall, things are pretty good! I had two exams last week and I think they went well, but I’m still really worried that maybe I messed up somewhere. I’ve found that most of my worries have decreased since coming to college except grades, just because they’re really important to me and for the path I’m going on, and I really just want to make my parents as well as myself proud and happy lol. Cross your fingers that I did well!

I really miss you guys and I think about you both everyday!!!!! We’ll all have to google hangout soon. While being at college, I’ve really come to appreciate the lasting friends I’ve formed over the years, as cheesy as that sounds. But I really do 🙂

Also happy GALentine’s day 😉

And I’m so proud of you guys and everything you’ve accomplished!!!!!!!

Love you guys!!!!




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