Week 6: February 6-12 (Maddy)

Friends!!!! I feel like it’s been so long, even though it really hasn’t. This was a crazy rollercoaster of a week, but definitely a good one. The only bad thing about this week is that my track coach got a new job coaching in California so he’s leaving next week :””( It’s an awesome opportunity for him though, he gets to go home and be with his family for the first time in a while and train in awesome facilities and be the head of a great sprinting program at a private high school. So I’m so happy for him but it really sucks a ton that he’s leaving so soon. Definitely going to be an emotional goodbye next week.


(Me with Coach and other Maddie)

So the reason he’s leaving next week is because the indoor track season is coming to a close… wow, already?! Yes! The Northeast-10 Championship is next week hellll yeaaaahhhhh and I am so stoked let me tell you. So this weekend (Friday and Saturday) we finally got the dream team 4×4 together and ended up not only breaking the indoor school record, but ALSO the outdoor school record (which is crazy bc indoor is always slower than outdoor bc of small track and such AND the previous outdoor record was run at the rather prestigious and competitive Penn Relays) soooo yeah fastest time ever run in the history of Assumption College. I have attached a video of the race if you really want to watch it (or you can just watch me, I ran the first leg 🙂 but yeah awesome! and then the next day I ran the 400 leg of the DMR (which is 1200-400-800-1600) and we also broke the school record by about 10 seconds!! sick!! plus I finally broke 60 for the first time since my high school season :)))) DOUBLE PLUS, Danise got to come up and see the whole thing!!!! Sorry, lots of track talk, but I’m just really excited about everything!!! I feel like I’ve developed into a really powerful runner and I’m so incredibly glad I decided to keep running competitively.


Anyway, back to the important stuff… A few other things that happened this week-

1. I just successfully cooked pasta in the microwave and made a mean batch of mac and cheese


2. We’re doing this game in my American government and Philosophy/Ethics classes where we’re reenacting the Constitutional Convention, and I am James Madison. I haven’t even read my script for it yet I’m just really excited lol.

3. My roommate passed out in the shower on Wednesday (bc of extreme period pain) and I came back to the dorm to find her being wheeled off in a stretcher and taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She’s completely fine now but it was some scary shit lemme tell ya… she was definitely lucky that someone found her D:

4. I haven’t done laundry in a really long time and I just have a literal mountain of clothes in my closet, but I still can’t bring myself to go downstairs and wash all of it.

5. At the meet this weekend, I’m only running relays, which is pretty neat.

6. SNOW DAY!!! We got like 1.5 feet of snow HAHAHA so we got a snow day on Thursday, so I avoided having to write a 3 page paper for class that day but man I have never seen so much snow before. It was like a sandstorm, but with snow, like the powder just kept blowing up in my face and it was so frickin cold. Like it was 10 degrees or something like that. (Went sledding with the pals… see pic below)


7. How bout that Falcons loss… yikes (At least once every day this week, someone has said to me something alone the lines of “well, at least it’s not as bad as blowing a 25 point lead”) Patriots fans are bullies smh.

Well, that’s all for this week folks. Stay tuned for next week! Roll Hounds 😉
Miss you guys ❤



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