Week 5: January 30-February 5 (Maddy)

So I wrote like a super long post originally on like Monday and then didn’t do anything for the rest of the week so here we are on a Sunday night and most of the things I wrote are very much different so I will sort of start over…

I kinda don’t wanna write a long post because usually mine are so long but here is my long awaited rant on people taking too long in bathrooms:

People who take forever in the bathroom. This is an issue that has bothered me for pretty much all of my life, as I am one to be quick when using the bathroom. I get it! Sometimes it’s not just pee, but it does not take more than 5 minutes ever to get the job done. Like today, for example, which is when I was inspired to address this appalling issue, I was like the first one out of class and headed to the bathroom and there are 2 stalls and I waited a staggering THREE minutes for people. Like I’m not even joking, when the person finally came out, I STILL LEFT BEFORE THEM. Especially for like, only having a limited amount of time between classes. GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE.

Anyways, this week wasn’t too too eventful… I had a track meet as always which went really well. I keep getting put on the “good” 4×4 team but our time is always worse than our B team because they keep putting distance people on my team (because the head coach is the distance coach) and it’s very frustrating but the big meet is coming up so I’m thinking it’ll get better and the coaches will put like the actual sprinters in so we can run good times. But I’ve really progressed a long way as a runner since the beginning of the season and now that the Indoor season is coming to an end, I’m super excited to just start dropping lots of time and run outdoors! Yay track!

on another note, I am really missing the long hair… like I do love the short hair but it is really tricky to style especially if I don’t blow dry it, so I’m not super loving it rn. Plus ponytails are kinda stubby haha

And here’s a small update on Cam: Literally at the beginning of the week we were so pissed off at each other because we were trying to like try out a sort of relationship thing and it was just really bad (like honestly nothing actually happened but there was a lot of heated conversation and unspoken tension) so we basically decided to not go for it and ever since then its been awesome like I think we’re closer than we were before all this and yeah it’s just goin real well.

I know it’s normal because it’s the Northeast but like there is literally always snow on the ground… like tons of it. Kinda crazy.

I also watched the Emperor’s New Groove and Kronk’s New Groove for the first time this week and let me just say I am a huge fan. I rofled. hehe.

So yeah and the rents are coming to Boston this week!!!! I’m so pumped 🙂 [also really pumped for a certain Ashley to come up for SB 2k17] :}

Adios amigas [cheetahs],


Ps. Rise up

PSS. Avery!!!! ur all grown up :’)




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