Week 5: January 29-February 4 (Avery)

hahaha wow what a weekend

remember the guy i alluded to a few posts back who stopped by and talked to me for like an hour while i was hanging out in my eno?


funny story there

went over to his place last night to watch whiplash (one of the movies he said was really good) and we ended up cuddling and making out HAHA i was there for like four and a half hours

the whole night was really fun and felt so natural!!! and he said some really nice things to me wow

i thought i was going to feel really nervous and awkward while i was there and hanging out with him but it wasn’t like that at all and he’s very sweet

well yeah that’s it

well obviously that’s not it lol


if you want more details, feel free to text in “boi”

i feel weird putting everything on the internet for public display lol

i mean idk if it’s going to go anywhere so i’m not going to get really invested or super hyped about it but i think he’s into me so that’s cool!

also i really miss you guys and i wish you were here so we could talk about this all in person!!!!!

have a fabulous week ladies 🙂



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