Week 4: January 22-28 (Ashley)

God I really do not know what to write this week hahahah. I’ve been trying to brainstorm all week, kind of waiting for something to come along for me to write about. So here I am Sunday night lol still kind of waiting, but mostly just complacent that this will probably be a shorter blog post for me.

This past week has been weird as fuck HAHA. I unintentionally partied on Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday and then got stupid high today and last Monday. Everything has felt very much so out of the ordinary and I’m definitely not pleased with this lifestyle that I’ve been sustaining. My room is A MESS – basically living in squalor – and Emily’s side is always so nice and her clothes aren’t STREWN everywhere. I am easily the worst person in my Latin class even though I spend several HOURS a DAY working through lines of dactylic hexameter. I know that overall it’s really beneficial for me to be around people who challenge me to work harder and to not be cocky, but omg it’s so much more work than I’ve ever done. I’m already compromising my other classes to put more work into Latin, and I’m still absolute ass hahahaha. That’s really what’s been on my mind for most of this weekend.

Last night I went to the DJ potluck and met some really nice people but also watched this guy throw up on his carpet. I felt bad, but he’s kind of a dick and also drank mugs of vodka. I think he’s into me… yikes!

Lol other than that, I miss Josh soooo much. So so so much. xkjflskjdflksjdfklsjdflkjsldkf!!!!!! And also I am so nervous for the future of our country. Every time I catch the news online, I feel so distraught. Really hoping for the safety of marginalized people. God haha how did this happen

I’ll try to post twice this week bc I really wish I had more to say, but things have just been weird. If you guys know what a “liminal space” is, this is what the past few days have felt like! It’s really fascinating I’d recommend a read-up on what it is. Excited to read your posts!


Here are some pics from this weekend!

tat, xue, rachey, & i at a chinese new year party on friday haha got really drunk and called josh. i said “i really miss you” he said “i still love you too”


did a show saturday morning from 8-10 heh this was towards the end – some really fantastic records that i enjoyed listening to



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