Week 4: January 22-28 (Maddy)

Just startin to write stuff as I progress throughout the week….

Monday- Today was first 7 am lift…. UGHHHHH hahaha we have 7am lifts now every Monday (even tho my classes don’t start until 11:30 so it’s kind of an unneccessary wake up call)

I have a meet this weekend and for some reason the women go on Friday and the men go on Saturday, but I ain’t complainin # NO SCHOOL WOOOO plus today I have to go to this info session regarding housing for next year (living in this super super nice dorm, the “Living and Learning Center” or LLC for short, with a kitchen and living room etc) and me and the froomies have to film this video about why we want to live there?? hahhaha so ours is Hunger Games themed, sorta, but we all win at the end… but I have to miss practice for this meeting, so I got to do the workout this morning instead with some cool peeps and it was great. pretty much everything except like a few lanes that had been shoveled were covered in like, probably 5-6 inches of snow and ice…. how invigorating. But anyway, killed the workout and am very pumped for Friday!!! Yay!!! Anyways… [later tonight] the captain of my team, Joy, had this little bible study thing that I would go to last semester and it would only be me, her, and one of the throwers and it was really nice, it was super refreshing and really comfortable and everything and it was like only open to girls. So now, she invited some guys and there were like 6 of us tonight and it was really great!! We talked about like what it means to fear God and what it means to judge people and just had a super great discussion and I love all the people there so much, again, I can’t talk about my teammates enough ❤

Ohhhh also I forgot to mention this in Week 3, but last week I read an entire book for pleasure for the first time in probably years… (the last time I can think of is when I went to Ireland sophomore year and there was no internet in my room so all I could do was read) and it was a lovely and refreshing experience! I read Inferno by Dan Brown (bc I liked the Da Vinci Code movie and the rents recommended it, so I figured it’d be good) and it was a really great read (600 pages, wow!)!! It’s all about like the problem of overpopulation in the context of the Black Death and the world today and then it has this whole thing about Dante and his concept of Hell and love of Florence, Italy and it was super good, like couldn’t-put-it-down-and-read-200-pages-in-1-sitting good… UNTIL I decided to watch the movie… ugghhhhhhh the movie was ok because of the art and the shots of Italy and stuff but it changed a ton of things from the book that really ticked me off because it essentially changed the ending AND whether one really important character was good or bad because I finished it and it was like, wtf that’s not what happened… plus Tom Hanks (he plays the main guy) was supposed to like this one lady and all of a sudden in the movie he has this weird love affair with a different character that I did not like and yeah ugh. Like, obviously this ending was easier to create in a movie setting than the one that happened in the book, but since when is it better to change endings on devoted fans who are expecting a by the book movie??? All in all, read books but don’t watch their movies unless it’s Harry Potter.

This week I have really acquired a taste for oatmeal. Particularly Apple cinnamon or Maple and Brown Sugar, but anything goes. I am running dangerously low, though so I need to cut down on my intake.

Also, this week since I finally got my duvet cover for my white duvet that just looks dumb in its pure whiteness without the cover, I’ve been kind of lowkey obsessed with keeping my room clean haha… like it bothers me now to leave the dishes dirty because it makes the room look bad and I have to like, do laundry on the reg… idk but my side looks str8 out of a catalog plus I got the string lights goin on and I ORDERED 2 POSTERS and one is advertising Georgia peaches HAHAHAHAH and the other is like Atlanta or something but I think that they are here and I have to pick them up tomorrow and I’m just real pumped for that. Also, I’ve been super on top of my homework, which is evident because I am writing this blog instead of answering stupid questions about history. Yay Maddy

As it is only Wednesday and I’ve already written a shit ton, this might get kinda long…

Thursday was super boring haha… like I can’t begin to describe how boring history class is for some reason, and of course Grey’s Anatomy came back on last night but APPARENTLY my cable service doesn’t work here (hahahahaha I told my friend that it wasn’t working and he asked if it was like a local Georgia network such as “Sweet Tea Network” or “Peach TV” HAHAHA) so I have to wait a week until it comes on demand #rude #dumb #unfair

Friday- MEET DAY!!! Wooooo guyssss so I just dropped 2 WHOLE seconds off the time from the meet last week and I am so so pumped like I cannot wait to run next week I ran a 61.2!!!! Wooooo!!!! It was a great race and I am so happy about it

Saturday and Sunday- so today I basically spent both of these days in Cam’s room ooooohh (but it wasn’t like that hahahah) we pretty much just talked and watched movies and it was fun (I’m probably gonna go back in an hour or two) but yeah I will just say that things are going well… slowly, but well. 😉

Anyways, peace out pals



these are the froomies, as you may have seen from my insta




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