Week 3: January 15-21 (Maddy)

Hello best friends!!! Week 3!!!

This week was lovely. Got some actual, real, legit snow… like maybe around 3 inches? I don’t know, but you could make some quality snowmen.

I spent a lot of the week thinking about track, given my mediocre performance in the last meet, so yesterday I finally got to redeem myself and run the race I know I can run. In the past with dance, I’ve had a thing about nerves. It would be really hard to calm down and focus before my competitions because I was afraid of… what exactly? Disappointing people? Messing it up? I’m not entirely sure, but my body would like automatically go into freak-out mode and my muscles would seize up and it would get hard to breathe. Anyways, it’s stupid! I don’t need to freak out about track meets or dance competitions! I’m always prepared and I’m not going to do badly unless I let myself get in my head. In the past, I would always shut down and not be able to talk to anyone until I got off the stage, but yesterday I laughed with my teammates until the moment I got on the line and I was so much more relaxed. This might be sort of boring to talk about but it’s been a really big thing for me recently, like not being able to finish workouts because just thinking about how hard they are makes my body tense and not want to do them, even though I know it will make me better. Long story short, I ran a great race yesterday! I worked hard the entire offseason and it paid off! Right now I’m #1 for Assumption in the 400 and I got the qualifying standard for the Northeast-10 Conference (The girl who usually is #1 didn’t work out all break so all I will say is “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” 😉

In addition to track, I started my classes this week and I’m not really sure how I feel about them yet, but it is a lot of walking. My two honors classes are in this little schoolhouse that is super far away (probably not if I was at a massive school, such as yourselves haha) but the good thing is that I get a lot of steps on my fitbit. hehe.

Also, I would totally participate in the women’s march on Washington. I like to consider myself a lowkey feminist (or maybe highkey) but really, women are much cooler than guys. Speaking of guys, I’ve been /kind of/ seeing this track boy (5’6″ @Ashley) named Cam, so we’ll see how things progress in next week’s blog post. Stay tuned.

In other news, I finally took down my Christmas decorations. It was grueling, but I’m gonna be ok. Stay strong fam.

Lastly, I realize that probably a lot of my posts will end up being about track, but I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for my teammates. They’re awesome people and they make me laugh and I get to spend so much time with them and it’s never too much time! In the past at BT, I’ve only had a couple of teammates like that (Avery, MC, Maddie and Emma Rose, and some of the XC runners) but only at my very last state meet as a high school runner (in both cross country and track) did I really feel like part of a team and not just a good runner who gets points for the team. I think that’s the reason I got so close to my 4×4 team, because we all wanted to do the best we could for each other and that’s the reason we were able to break 4 minutes and compete so well. I feel that here too, like I’m supposed to be here. Not only can I make this team better because I’m a good runner, but this team can make me better because I have people to run for. (dis is some deep shit)

Anyways, I’m gonna go eat breakfast :))))) (hehe 12:23 pm)

bye y’all

Maddy (a few pics below)

Pic #1: Me and the team 🙂 (peep Cam is behind me)

Pic #2: #1 for Assumption!!! Qualified for big meet!!! Woooo!!!


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