Week 3 January 15-21 (Avery)

Saturday, January 21st, 4:24 p.m.!

i feel like so much has happened this week but it’ll probably seem much less significant once i type it out lol! for the sake of coherence, i’ll try to construct a (relatively) brief bulleted list of my week

also, i’ll include some pictures at the end, seeing as i’m the only member of the blog who hasn’t posted any pictures yet!!!

still feeling the lowercase vibe, btw

OK here i go *listens to let’s groove*

  • Saturday Jan. 14th- Sunday Jan. 15th- ServeUGA retreat at Rock Eagle!!! So ServeUGA is an on-campus organization I joined recently as a Service Ambassador, so one of my main roles is to co-lead service trips around Athens with a partner Athens organization (fact: Athens-Clarke County is the 7th poorest county in the United States with a population over 100,000) and to serve on planning committees for big events such as MLK Day of Service and Dawg Day of Service. I love it!!!!! I really could go on and on but I feel like I’ve really found my people at UGA and I knew from the moment I met all of them that we would all get along really well!!!!!!!! It’s so great aksjdfhkasjdhfkjahsdflhajkshdf I’m really thankful I got the position. Also we play this funny game where you call someone’s name, make eye contact with them, and pretend to blow a dart and if their neck isn’t covered to protect them from the dart then they have to lie on the ground until someone pokes them to “remove the dart” its so funny HAHAH
    • (Also I learned so much about what it means to be intentional and impactful with one’s service and I could go into it but that’s another cool but lengthy discussion so it’ll wait lol)
  • Monday, Jan. 16th- ServeUGA planted tulips along Inner Loop 10 for MLK Day of Service. Cool because it was an Athens-wide event, so there were members of the whole community there. Also heard a slam poet, Life the Griot. So cool!!!!
  • Tuesday, Jan. 17th- Had creative writing this day. Ugh, I feel so dumb in that class!!! Everyone is so smart and articulate!!! I’ve found that the reasons I love English (one reason being its subjectivity) are also the reasons I hate it hahaha.  But I’m looking forward to presenting my own work and reading everyone else’s. Just gotta keep moving forward! Also studied with Moot, it was fun and nice to catch up!
  • Wednesday, Jan. 18th- Studied a lot for chem test this day. Also ate Chick-fil-A. Felt ready for the chem test! Enjoyed the Chick-fil-A.
  • Thursday, Jan. 19th- CHEM TEST! It went well. I felt prepared. Unfortunately I missed two questions though and I got a 12/14 so I still got a B+ 😦 Which in theory isn’t bad but I felt pretty disappointed in myself because I withdrew the class last semester and I’m taking it again and I still couldn’t manage to get an A on the first test 😐 But this is more motivation to work harder!!!!! That seems to have been the theme this week: Something didn’t go well? Made a lot of mistakes? Work harder!! So that’s what I’m doing lol. I really want an A!
  • Friday, Jan. 20th- (Literally) hung out in my eno for the first time!!!! So fun!! One of the counselors from Dawg Camp walked by and I ended up having a real conversation with him for the first time haha and we had a really good discussion about movies and books and The Walking Dead (specifically: how they ALWAYS KILL THE MORAL COMPASS) and the election and his art and it was so cool!!! I sent him Grace’s copy of “The Golden Film List” so now we have a competition going to see who can finish them all first. I watched Psycho last night (so good!!!) and he gave me like four movies I have to watch by the end of the month haha (Django, K-Pax, Memento, and some other one), so I have a lot of watching to do (@Ashley: I added some to the spreadsheet under his guidance lol)
  • Saturday (today!)- Drove down to Medshare in Decatur this morning with some pals to help sort medical supplies. It was really, really great, and it’s crazy how many medical supplies go to waste! All the volunteers there packed a total of 411 boxes! Then got lunch at cute French cafe. They have notebooks guests can write stuff in, so we wrote a haiku about our day lol. We’ll all have to go there someday!!!!

so that was my week haha it was really good and super fun but also school is hard and i feel really dumb sometimes (edit: most of the time haha) but that’s life!!!!! i’m getting there!!!! i love my classes but phew what a challenge. but challenges are good!! about to do some work right now. i suppose we’re only two weeks into the semester HAHA so i should chill. we can do it!!! Go Dawgs!!!!!!!

also i’ve been listening to that song “Picture” by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow a lot HAHa (like right now)

sorry for the long post and also I miss you guys 🙂

See pics below!



IMG_2532.PNG Me in my eno for the first time!!!


For Service Ambassadors, we always take pictures with other service ambassadors when we see them around campus lol

FullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpg

Our haiku and a polaroid of us outside of the cute cafe!


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