Week 2 January 8-14 (Maddy)


So I’m exhausted but I wanna write this now so I don’t leave stuff out 🙂

Ugh/yay went back to assco Wednesday night and actually traveling was pretty fun because one of my teammates lives in Texas and she connected to ATL and we flew together but yeah, I’ve been like, the solitary resident of my dorm for the past 3 days HAHA. I do love being alone but there’s only so much you can do before you have to go look for food. And exercise. But anyway, I ran my first college 400 today (or yesterday… its 2am)… and IT SUCKED HAHAHAHAHA I ran so badly and my head coach is a bitch so she kind of avoided me the whole meet which tbh I found kind of funny and also immature but my sprint coach is the best person ever and he totally reassured me like he could tell I can run faster and is really easy to talk to so yeah, I feel like since it was a meet with only around half the team I really got to branch out and bond with people that I’ve never really gotten to know before and it was so nice! Like the two other girls I ran the 400 with, after the race we went to this beach/boardwalk adjacent to the facility and just took our shoes off and ran in the freezing water and it was a lot of fun (plus I got 10,000 steps on my fitbit) I also got to watch this cute guy on my team (who is a junior…so no) run a 400 … he is so swift. HAHA. the good thing is that we have meets every weekend so I’ll have a chance to redeem myself… the bad thing is that we have meets every weekend. (alas, I am a doer, not a thinker).

anyways, I love my team and I’m so glad I’m on it. however, going to school 1000 miles from home does suck from time to time and I already miss the fam even though its only been a few days. When I finally get to go home it feels like I’ve been absent for a few years so it was really weird living in my house for the first few days of break. But that means that waiting all that time to go home is totally worth it, and I think I’ll be busy enough this semester where it’ll go by fast.

the meet was in fucking Staten Island which is 4 HOURS AWAY so I spent a solid 8 hours on a bus today so we got back around midnight and I decided, hey, I am the only one in my dorm, so I’m gonna move all the tables and chairs in the common room and do some Irish dancing (circa 1am- no regrets) FINALLY A ROOM WITH ENOUGH SPACE… I have been deprived. It was great.

Also, people up here are facinated that we have a peach drop on New Years Eve.

Anyways, I’m feeling like we don’t have to abide by the word limit but this is probably long enough D:


ps. enjoy this pic of the assco duck pond (stay tuned for duck day in April)



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