Week 2: January 8-14 (Avery)

Wednesday, 9:55 p.m.!

A few quick notes before I begin (in no particular order of importance):

  • Bread and hummus are really good together I am eating them right now
  • Maddy that sandwich looked ace I hope you continue to eat more wonderful sandwiches in the future
  • Ashley your post was as wonderful as Maddy’s sandwich and I wish you the best of luck in 2017 in all aspects of your life (as for you too, Maddy!!!)
  • Dan, git!
  • I laughed for a solid minute at the “they call me ranch cause I b dressin” pic way to go

so this week has been interesting so far in the fact that i’ve been unusually productive, which i’m pretty proud of actually hahaha. everyday i’ve made a list of all the things i want to get done- from studying to working out to general housekeeping stuff- and for the most part, i’ve been finishing everything on the list!!! i’ve also been keeping a daily journal, and i haven’t missed a day so far (although we’re only 11 days in lol, so knock on wood). recently i discovered the track at Ramsey (the gym @UGA for you non-dawgs ((the world is split into two groups: dawgs, and non-dawgs))) and it has been magical and life changing and i am now a fan of the gym so there you go

i’ve also eaten carrot cake like 3 times this week so i guess it balances out

~switching to capitalization~

Although externally this week has been looking pretty solid, I’ve been facing some confusion in terms of direction lol. My apologies, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this by now. Right now I’m pre-med, and I like it, and I love the idea of being a doctor and having such intimate relationships with patients etc etc. But I also know (and I thought this especially after attending my first creative writing class) that there’s also a part of me that still loves reading and writing, and I know that’s never going to go away. Why am I not doing something with that? But then I remember that I, as a human being, am allowed to be more than one thing and to like more than one thing, and I feel a little more justified in being so conflicted lol. I think choices are less of a fork in the road and more like a highway with like 50 different possible exits, but hey, the journey is just as if not more important than the destination. You may see me as a doctor or maybe an English professor in the future (or maybe something completely different- perhaps a rap superstar!!!!), but I’m sure I’ll figure it out in due time.

Avery’s inner turmoil part 2 features me trying to be as friendly as I used to be lol. I think first semester I sort of withdrew more into myself and forgot how to be outgoing with a lot of people, which I alluded to in my last post lol. This week I got a little better though by thinking less when seeing people I know and just going up and saying hi to them, so it’s getting there haha. I think I’ll be “me” again soon, but if not, maybe I change as much as everything else does lol. I feel like all this social nervousness is such a dumb problem, like there are much bigger problems out in the world right now, but it’s still a part of myself I constantly need to get over, so perhaps all this practice is good!!!!

And to end this complete college cliche of a post, considering I am most definitely past the word limit, here is a haiku by me:

so many cute boys

maybe they like carrot cake

no? i pity them

Gotta blast (off to bed bc of my 8 a.m.),



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