Week 1: January 1-7 (Maddy)

crap, sorry I missed the first post deadline

might as well talk about boyfriend day (named by my dad who also said “all you have to do now is go for a swim with Charlie!”) bc it was the most exciting thing that happened this week other than my mom making cheesecake last night or being turned into scene Maddy by my dance buddies (also I realized this is turning into all lowercase but no regrets) started off the day with a double date with my mom and Robby and his mom in which the moms walked and I ran with Robby and it was super nice!!! learned all about the happenings at Notre Dame and just had a really nice run. we went to Zoe’s kitchen after which is so good omfg and just overall 10/10… later on we had taco night and Luke and let me tell you it was great, especially because it felt kinda special in that it was no strings attached and it’ll be thousands of miles away but honestly he was so talkative with my parents which I think is because he loves college as opposed to high school and we didn’t really even do too much except watch the entire Hawks vs. Pelicans game and just talk about anything and it didn’t seem like any time had passed at all… he even kissed me goodbye :’)

now I am slowly realizing how much I like food that is not from my dining hall, especially as I have just made a beautiful openfaced breakfast sandwich consisting of Canadian bacon, sliced avocado, swiss cheese, and fried egg (see pic below)


also I recently found out that when we adopted Jezebel we got there only an hour before they were gonna put all the pregnant cats down (she was pregnant when we got her) and so we kinda saved her life so I’ve been feeling very attached like it was meant to be that we adopted her :’))) she used to be so skinny and now… 🙂


in other news, my fam finally let me drive on the highway (even though I have many times before) and man was it liberating. I’m gonna miss driving too.

anyway I was gonna write more but I’ve exceeded my word limit # can’t be tamed

until next week,


just a girl from assco


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