Week 1: January 1-7 (Ashley)

January 7th, I started this draft at like 2:50 and I am picking it up 8 hours later PM,

hahahahaha i love that we’re doing this1/!?!?

I think in a couple of minutes I’m gonna go and heat up a pita and spread feta cheese on it. I wish I had some herbs, but boy, is it delicious! The munchies are unfortunately – but definitely not surprisingly – kicking in. That’s one of my most/least favorite parts about smoking. I am definitely noticing characteristics of myself when I’m high which means I’ve been doing it TOO MUCH, but I keep telling myself I’m not going to do it at school. I’m kind of overloading here so I can get all my lethargy out of my bones before the semester starts next Wednesday. A binge and purge sort of thing. So far, I think it’s been a good strategy… at least I’ve been enjoying this first phase.

Lately I’ve been thinking about ways I can benefit myself – more profusely so than a typical January 1st¬†contemplation. I think I’ve partly been ignoring a lot of “opportunity-related” notifications and also thinking about going back to school and seeing my other buddies. I’m not really sure where I wanted to go when I began to write this paragraph but anyways I think this is what it was:

I want to apply for part-time jobs, I want to buy my textbooks, I want to look for scholarships so I can do the Greek intensive over the summer, I want also to just focus on increasing my knowledge and my health and my culture and a lot of other worldly things, most importantly though I want to draw away focus from “I.” I think that is the real killer.

Also considering going vegan lol!



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