Week 1: January 1-7 (Avery)

january 7th (technically) @2:11 a.m.

hello friends my name is avery and welcome to my first post

tonight me and my friends went to 40 Watt, which is this music club in Athens that was hosting a free 80’s dance party

it was so fun!!!!! i love dancing!!!!! they played all the hits and you guys would have liked it a lot, especially when they played a certain Earth, Wind, and Fire song we all happen to know.

i’ve always wanted to approach a guy and be like “come dance with me!!!!” but like how do you approach guys

i used to be so good at approaching random people and making conversations!!!!!

matt from aphg was literally sitting at the table right next to me in snelling and then finished eating and left but he really just moved to a different table and then left around the same time i did.

so many opportunities to say hi and talk about bt stuff!!!! did i do it???? NO! i just kept talking to my friends the whole time!!!!!

new year’s resolution update: go back to my habit of smiling and conversing with strangers, a habit i have since lost after being around so many people all the time. now is the right time to practice this bc its a new semester with new people!!!

any advice from the peanut gallery would be appreciated!

also i changed my major to a double major in bio and psych lol



(i typed this in lowercase bc it seemed appropriate)


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